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a happy room

the best play space for your kids!

a happy room creates customized spaces for your kids to play in, learn in and relax in.

We organize, design and build happy rooms where your children feel safe and happy! 

We focus on your child developmental needs and interests, your family needs and your home space to customize a happy room that would be unique to you and your family and that everybody will love. 

We want to bring a happy room into your home!

a happy room is


We provide beautiful and purposeful spaces that inspire your kids to be creative and independent.

for learning

Your kids can practice their fine motor skills and gross motor skills for stronger minds and bodies. 


Your kids' imagination is limitless and our goal is to exploit that and encourage learning and inventiveness.


We want to keep your kids physically active and engaged in open-ended play time.


Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 9.12.23 PM.png

from scratch

You have an empty room or a space you want to transform into a playroom. 

room face lift

You already have a playroom or kids room that needs our magic touch.

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